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Introducing the Socialist Party 
The Dutch Socialist Party is one of the bigger political parties in the Netherlands. As a modern socialist party we seek to build a society based on human dignity, equality and solidarity. Out party is active inside Parliament, but we also want to be actively involved in the daily lives of people.

We try to help and make a difference on an individual basis by empowering communities or neighbourhoods. And we organize campaigns and demonstrations on relevant topics on an international, national, regional and local level. Also in Maastricht.

All sorts of people 
Members of the SP include all walks of life. Factory workers and students, nurses and maintenance engineers, accountants and civil servants, pupils and pensioners. We all work together for social change. With our eyes on the future, we regard younger generations as an essential part of society. As a society it is therefore our duty to provide young people with fair and equal opportunities to develop themselves and their potential.

All young people have the right to better and more accessible education, good jobs, fair pay and last but not least, better housing to buy or rent at affordable prices. In Maastricht these principals of course also apply to the many students that study, live and work in our city.

Do you want to join the Socialist Party?

Please contact us: j.heusschen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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