Dutch socialist party

4 maart 2018

Dutch socialist party

Foto: E.Corbee

Socialist Party, list 4. From left to right: Monique Martens
(4), Ariane Schut (5), Jack Gerats (1), Mara de Graaf (3), John Gunther (2)

Introducing the Dutch Socialist Party:                                                   

The Dutch Socialist Party (SP) has become one of the biggest political parties in the Netherlands. As a modern socialist party we seek to build a society based on human dignity,
equality and solidarity. To achieve this, the party is active both inside and outside

In terms of members the SP is the third biggest party in the Netherlands. Members of the SP come from all walks of life. Factory workers and students, nurses and maintenance engineers, accountants and civil servants, pupils and pensioners all work together in our party. In the SP, young people are united in our youth organisation ‘ROOD, jong in de SP’ (RED, young in the
SP). ROOD campaigns for better and more accessible education for all, for fair pay, good jobs and better housing for young people.

The SP is represented at all levels of Dutch politics and in the European Parliament. In Maastricht the SP is part of the local governing coalition. We are not, however, merely an electoral platform. If you want to change society, there is a great deal of work to be done outside as well as inside parliament, provincial assembly or council chamber. That’s why we
organize campaigns and demonstrations on an international, national and local level. 

Ideals and Action:  We believe the growing division and inequality in our world and our societies are consciously cultivated under neoliberalism. By offering alternatives, based on social democratic principles we try to reverse this global trend. We actively campaign against high rents and bad working conditions. We campaign for the protection of the environment
and better health care for all. We take a stand against the further erosion of social security and for a reasonable income for everyone; for equal opportunities, against the growing worldwide gap between rich and poor and for a more caring society.

Internationally:  The SP maintains good contacts with progressive organisations throughout the world, exchanging views and co-operating across borders on issues such as international security, globalisation and the unfair division of wealth in the world. The SP has taken part in international campaigns against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and combats multinational corporations that undermine working conditions and pollute the environment. In the European Parliament the  SP forms part of the Confederal Group of the European United Left / Nordic
Green Left, the GUE-NGL (www.guengl.eu)

“The future is not for predatory capitalism, but for the people. The future doesn't belong to the market, but to us. Together we will fight for a world where it isn't the interests of the few which count, but those of us all.” Lilian Marijnissen - Party leader in Parliament 

The SP in Maastricht:  We want to make Maastricht the most social city of the Netherlands: By continuing to invest in people and social innovation, by providing high quality social services and by ensuring access to decent healthcare. In the past few years the municipality has become increasingly responsible for public and social services. The SP in Maastricht’s local government has ensured a steady and social implementation of new legislation and reforms of social practice. At the moment we are the fourth biggest party within the city council. As a member of the governing coalition we have been able to achieve many of our goals. In the next four years we aim to do so again.

We have generated a full program, explaining our goals and priorities on a broad range of issues: Housing, education, culture, social services, labour market, environment, tourism, finances etc. 

We have a chapter on students in our election program. Here is a short summery of our most important views on this subject.

• At the moment there are not enough housing facilities for students. Student housing needs to be a priority. Therefore we want a clear policy on how and where to house students in accordance with their needs andwishes. 

• While we believe student campuses meet the needs of international (short-stay) students, the SP prefers diversity and city districts of mixed population. This is why we support
standards as for the density of student population in various areas of the city. 

• There should be enough opportunities to go out for Dutch as well as foreign students. Initiatives such as The International Student Club should be stimulated and well

• The SP supports a broad variety of cultural activities, such as music, dance and stage arts. We want to invest in popular music by facilitating De Muziekgieterij, enlarging the rehearsal facilities and breathing new life in our popular music festival Bruis.

• We are looking for buildings or empty industrial areas, which can be transferred into cultural hotspots and/or can be used as workshops and studios. 

You can find our full program (NL), our 10 key issues
(NL/EN) and more about the SP in Maastricht at maastricht.sp.nl

Key issues of The SP Election Program 2018-2022

1. We will make Maastricht the most social and caring city in the Netherlands.  Quality of
healthcare and public services are our top priority.

2. We want to put a stop to the growing divide within our society. A comprehensive approach to poverty reduction & support for middle groups. 

3. We advocate a personal approach in services and policy. Placing people above bureaucracy and protocols.

4. We want to invest in people.  An open attitude and bottom up approach to citizens’ initiatives.  

5. We believe everyone counts and can contribute.  Real jobs and no pointless re-integration projects. 

6. We plead diversity and equal opportunities in our cultural sector and education.  Look, live and learn, together.

7. We want more time for police officers to work the streets of their districts.   For a safer city and more livable neighbourhoods. 

8. We need more space for biking and more room for outdoor recreation. A clean, green city with less polluting traffic.

9. We think Maastricht’s city centre should not be commercialized any further. The city
centre belongs to all of us.

 10. We want more social housing, with affordable rents, for the many. No more large-scale
prestigious projects for the few.  


 “Our civilisation came about thanks to collectivism and struggle. With your ideals in our heads and your militancy and courage in our hearts our mission will progress. The SP is ready to take the next step. Bring it on”.  Ron Meyer – Chairman


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