Energycompensation for students

21 juni 2022

Energycompensation for students

In the media (*) we read on June 13 that according to lawyers the exclusion of students from the energy allowance is unlawful. If students file a case against their municipality, there is a good chance that the judge will rule in their favour. Excluding a group is not allowed just like that: there has to be a "justifiable ground" that explains why the law is not applicable for that group.


The VNG has suggested that their living situation is "very diverse, also in terms of energy costs and bills."  as a reason for the exclusion. That is not a good justifiable reason, because students do not live differently from non-students. All forms of living used by students - with parents, independent or in rooms - are also used by non-students. To exclude students as a group entirely is therefore incorrect and potentially discriminatory.

We asked several questions about this, together with the city council fractions of M:OED, GroenLinks and the Partij voor de Dieren. For more information see below

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